What could Twitter look like, Elon Musk version?

Furthermore, the tool itself could be completely overhauled. To redress the growth of Twitter, which is idling, Elon Musk mentioned last April various options to generate more income: boost paid subscriptions, monetize the distribution of very popular tweets or even pay content creators.

The extravagant boss could indeed decide to make the use of the social network paying. He seems to be considering the possibility of charging for the publication of Tweets with payments by the cryptocurrency DogeCoin, reports the American channel CNN. This could also make it possible to fight against fake accounts, one of its favorite projects. But the new boss then said that this idea would be too difficult to implement, without mentioning other solutions, reports the Time.

In recent months, Elon Musk has also mentioned the possibility of end-to-end encryption on messaging offered by Twitter, but also the integration of the platform into a more global application, called X, which could take the contours of the application. popular WeChat mobile messaging service in China. An all-purpose interface, it is both a social network, a means of payment, a QRcode reader… In 2020, The Wall Street Journal even saw it “a powerful monitoring tool”allowing the Chinese government to track and censor the activity of over a billion users.

As for the button to edit tweets, the initiative was launched last month by the platform for paying Twitter subscribers in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and should soon be in the United States. Elon Musk could “speed up the process”according to Time.


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