What are the actions to take if you come across an animal in distress?

the Creavesa rehabilitation center for injured animals, celebrates its 15th anniversary. On this occasion, it opens its doors to the public this weekend. You will be able to discover the right actions to adopt in the face of an injured animal.

Animals injured as a result of attacks are sheltered in the centre. They are under surveillance.There are birds that take shocks from windows, cars or predators caught by predators, cats, dogs“, explains Sonia Mary, caretaker at the rehabilitation center for wild animals in Virelles where birds and mammals live together. The volunteers do a lot of work there.

In order not to disturb convalescent animals, visits are made in small groups. This allows you to give advice to visitors. In large aviaries, birds of prey and wading birds are recovering from injury.

What are the right actions to take if you come across an animal in distress?

We can catch it if necessary and ideally put it in a box, because a cage risks injuring the animal even more. You take a box a little larger than the size of the animal and you pierce ventilation holes, you put a small hot water bottle if necessary and you don’t give anything to drink or eat“, advise Genevieve mertensreferent of the rehabilitation center for wild animals.

Last year, the clinic welcomed a thousand residents.I find many injured birds. I could bring them to cure them“, confides a little girl who discovers the center.

The stay in the center lasts from a few days to several months. The goal is always to release the animal into the nature.

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