What are agricultural commodities + how to trade them on the stock market?

Where are agricultural commodities traded?

Agricultural commodities are traded on well-known stock exchanges, such as the Intercontinental Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade and the Kansas Board of Trade. However, you are not required to trade agricultural commodities directly on a formal exchange. You can trade them over-the-counter with us. You can thus invest in commodities listed on several exchanges from a single place.

Over-the-counter trading means you trade through a broker, like IG, who executes your orders. This often offers more opportunities, but also entails certain risks.

With us, you can trade commodities spot (without maturity) and futures as well as commodity options. When you trade on the spot market, your orders are executed immediately, at the current market price. With options and futures, you can trade agricultural commodities at a future date and a pre-agreed price.

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