War in Ukraine: US to deliver Patriot missiles to Ukraine, a weight boost to its anti-aircraft defenses

The US is finalizing a plan for delivery to Ukraine Patriot, medium-range surface-to-air missiles for anti-aircraft defensewhich could be formalized this week, reports this Tuesday CNN, citing US officials. The Pentagon’s plan still needs to be approved by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and submitted for initialing by President Joe Biden, but a double green light is expected, the American chain adds.

This advanced long-range air defense system is very effective at intercepting ballistic missiles and cruise missilesExplain CNN. This assistance would prove crucial for Ukraine, which is often the target of Russian missile and drone bombardments of the country’s key infrastructure. It would be the most effective long-range defensive weapons system sent to Kiev, the US channel adds.

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Ukrainian forces were soon training to learn how to deal with them

The US media is unable to communicate the number of missile launchers that will be sent, but specifies that a typical Patriot battery includes a radar that registers and tracks targets, computerspower generation equipment, a control station and up to eight launcherseach containing four missile ready to shoot.

To learn how to use them, Ukrainian soldiers should soon be trained at a US Army base in Grafenwoehr, Germany.

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