War in Ukraine: on Twitter, billionaire Elon Musk challenges Vladimir Putin

South African-born billionaire Elon Musk has challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin to a single combat. (©Duncan.Hull / Wikipedia Commons)

“I hereby challenge Владимир Путин to single combat. Stakes are Україна. Translation: “Hereby, I challenge Vladimir Putin in single combat. The stakes are Ukraine. »

This sentence, written in English and Russian, is the billionaire Elon Musk, 77.8 million subscribers, who released it on Twitter, Sunday March 14, 2022, around noon, French time.

“Do you accept this fight, Kremlin? »

Three quarters of an hour later, the founder of space company SpaceX challenged the official account of the Russian political center with this tweet: “Вы согласны на этот бой? @KremlinRussia_E”, which can be translated from Russian as “Do you accept this fight, Kremlin? “.

At the time of this writing, the Kremlin has not yet repliedin public, at the request of Elon Musk.

Asked by a user about his seriousness about this challenge, the one who also co-founded the electronic payment company PayPal replied: ” I am very serious. »


When another subscriber mentioned the fact that “the fight would last 10 seconds” and would depend only on Elon Musk, 19 years younger than Vladimir Putin, the concerned, confident, replied “pretty much”, that we can be translated as “practically”.

The Tesla boss was also reminded that he would have, at one time, “dropped a sumo champion weighing more than 150 kg”. He assured that it was done “at the cost of a crushed disc in [son] neck who [lui] caused back pain for seven years.”

A commitment against war

This is not the first time since Russia invaded Ukraine that Elon Musk clearly shows its support for the blue and yellow country.

That day, he had also had a little word for “the beautiful people of Russia, who don’t want it”.

The billionaire has also been involved in helping Ukraine by sending hundreds of Starlink kits. An invention allowing, via SpaceX satellitesto capture the Internet network.

Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukrainian Minister of Digital Transformation had asked him, still on Twitter. The President of Ukraine himself thanked him afterwards.

Elon Musk would also have, according to another of his tweets, refused to a government – ​​not Ukraine, he specifies – to block Russian information sources.

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