VIDEO. Dog attack in Montauban: “It could have been my children playing outside”

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Two dogs attacked a domestic goat on Thursday May 12 in Montauban. The neighbors who intervened to arrest the two mastiffs had the fear of their lives when these American Staff returned to the charge.

“This time, it was my little Blanchette (a domestic goat) who was targeted, it could have simply been my children playing outside, it would have been the same. We could have had a tragedy!”, Still testifies in shock Louisa, the owner of the animal who lives with her family in a house, chemin de Peligry in Montauban.

Without the help of his neighbors who intervened, his goat would have been devoured by the two mastiffs of American Staff breed wandering without a muzzle and without a leash. Two canines which are classified in the category of so-called dangerous dogs. The facts took place Thursday, May 12 at the end of the morning in this district near the racecourse of Allègres.

“The goat had just been attacked by one of the mastiffs, we intervened to get him to let her go”, certifies Davy, a local resident who was scared of his life when the two animals returned a second time to the charge. “He rushed at me, I hit him in the muzzle and my father took a wooden board to push them away”, continues the young man still very marked by this affair.

He leaves him in the lurch with his goat in Nègrepelisse

What ended up finishing off the owners of the goat was that when the police intervened after the attack, the master guaranteed them that he would bear Blanchette’s veterinary expenses. “He made fun of us. He drove my companion in his vehicle to the veterinary clinic in Nègrepelisse. if not to hitchhike with our goat under his arm”, testifies Louisa recalling her attachment to this animal which is known and pampered here by all the residents of the district.

The two mastiffs who attacked Blanchette and the neighbors

The icing on the cake, the master of the dogs who had left a check to pay the costs, opposed it. So the couple paid the bill. “It’s disgusting to take advantage of the naivety and kindness of this couple”, protests Davy who published a video on social networks shortly after the attack of the mastiffs where we see Blanchette bloodied. A video already seen several thousand times which has generated hundreds of comments of support. Louisa intends to file a complaint at the Montauban police station against the owner of the dogs. “Letting dogs wander, moreover, classified without a muzzle: that’s already two offences”, we are told by the police.

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