Victim of the mustard shortage, a restaurateur launches an SOS on social networks

A few weeks before the summer period, Pierre Grandgirard is worried. Due to the war in Ukraine and shortages of raw materials, he can no longer find jars of mustard, an essential ingredient in some of his recipes, says TF1. For the owner of the restaurant “La Régate” in Douarnenez (Finistère), the situation became so critical that he had to travel the city for almost two hours to find some. “I understood that I was going to go mustard hunting, I did different businesses. A trader was kind enough to help me out with two pots when it’s limited to one per person. All the others don’t had more,” he said. “It embarrasses us because it’s a work tool,” he adds.

Indeed, mustard is essential for making the vinaigrettes and other mayonnaises needed to accompany its seafood platters. “I’m not sure that everyone wants to do without mayonnaise,” he says. microphone of TF1 with a small smile anyway. He therefore resigned himself to sharing his experience on social networks and launching an SOS. He first recalls that “the mustard seeds are picked up in June and that the fermentation will take place during the summer”. Reason why there will be mustard at the start of the school year in September.

Donations are pouring in

He continues by launching a message: “It only takes three months between planting and the finished product, it is useless to store one or two years of consumption apart from creating the shortage.” At the end of his message, he says he is ready to buy back pots that people have stored. A call that has been heard. A few hours later, the jars of mustard were pouring in, underlines TF1. A woman even came to bring him a pot in person without charging him. “I had two pots in advance and I came right away. I don’t know if there will be others, they may end up with thirty pots of mustard”, laughs- she.

A “necessary” rant, to “inform”, because everyone will have mustard in September, according to him: “Regulate consumption and everything will be fine.” In recent weeks, because of the conflict in Ukraine, restaurant owners have been complaining about the shortage of sunflower oil, so much so that they have to find other solutions. Also like industrialists who now use palm or coconut oil in many products, to the detriment of the nutritional benefits.

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