Usbek & Rica – Yvon Chouinard vs. Elon Musk: choose your side comrade!

In a letter addressed to the employees of his company last September, Yvon Chouinard explains that ” the Earth is now the one and only shareholder of Patagonia “. Behind this decision, which quickly made the rounds of the editorial staff, a vision of the world is taking shape. May it quickly inspire other leaders and thus make it possible to preserve a “livable” world, to use the formula used by the president of the IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

But in fact, what is a vision of the world?

To orient themselves, to make decisions, to act, each individual summons – sometimes voluntarily, more often unconsciously – a certain vision of the world. It is this simplified representation of reality that will provide him with the keys to understanding and acting.

One world, many worldviews

For at least five decades, and more precisely since the publication in 1972 of the report to the Club of Rome The limits to growth, the warning messages sent by the scientific community on the subject of global warming, the erosion of biodiversity, or even the impoverishment of the soil are arousing increasingly strong reactions. The young generation thus massively condemns a model of economic development which would precipitate humanity towards an environmental and human catastrophe without precedent.

Faced with the existential threats to our species, diametrically opposed worldviews lead public figures to imagine very different futures for their fellow human beings.

In the name of the “future of civilization”

On one side, Elon Musk. Entrepreneur, the native of Pretoria, South Africa, has founded several successful companies, including SpaceX, in 2002. For Musk, the finiteness of resources on Earth and planetary limits are in no doubt. And since the blue planet is not able to provide Man with the necessary means to fully realize himself (or even to become immortal), it is time to close the terrestrial parenthesis and build the continuation of the human adventure elsewhere. . Priority objective: colonize space, terraform Mars and develop the necessary means to exploit the resources, in particular mining, which space abounds.

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