USA: Man ate 32,000 Big Macs in 50 years

Donald Gorske, a 68-year-old American, is the record holder for the biggest Big Mac eater, which he has held since 1999. Today, he estimates that he has devoured more than 32,000 since 1972, nearly two per day.

Over the past fifty years, Donald Gorske, a lover of the sign’s sandwich McDonald’s , would have eaten two Big Macs a day, almost every day. Each year, the fast food chain sells more than 900 million Big Macs worldwide, or 29 per second. Among them, several hundred are swallowed up by this 68-year-old American.

32,340 Big mac counted

In a video published by Guinness World Records, the organization that lists all world records, even the most unusual, he explains that the love at first sight with the best-selling sandwich occurred in 1972.

“I got my first car, drove to McDonald’s, ordered my first three Big Macs and ate them in my car. That’s when I thought I was probably going to eat this for the rest of my life.

To validate his record, Donald Gorske kept all the packaging and tickets. Only a few thousand disappeared in the 1990s following a tornado. Today, Guinness recognizes the gargantuan number of 32,340 Big Macs eaten by the American during his lifetime.

Objective 40,000

With his sandwich, he specifies taking a Coca-Cola, while rarely eating the fries. Just one of these burgers is 563 calories, more than a quarter of the recommended daily servings for a man. For him, a Big Mac is now “his normal meal”. To stay in shape, Donald Gorske walks 10 kilometers a day.

His next goal is to exceed the 40,000 Big Mac ingested mark. According to him, he still has 14 years to go before he gets there, always at the same pace. Donald Gorske, who appeared in the 2004 documentary Super Size Me, officially became the biggest Big Mac eater in 1999 and has continued to push his record one step further.

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