USA: Joe Biden Warns Monkey Pox Spread Could Be ‘Massive’

There is no cure but this viral infection heals itself

Joe Biden warned on Sunday, on the sidelines of his Asian tour, that the impact of the spread of monkeypox, which has been detected in a dozen European countries as well as in Australia, Israel, Canada and the United States States could be “consequent”.

The American president, about to leave South Korea to go to Japan, explained on Sunday that he had not been fully informed by American health officials of the “level of exposure” of the United States to this virus.

“But it’s something everyone should be concerned about,” he told reporters before boarding Air Force One for flight to Tokyo.

“If it spread, it would be significant,” he added.

Monkeypox, a less dangerous cousin of smallpox, eradicated for about forty years, first results in a high fever and quickly evolves into a rash, with the formation of scabs, especially on the face.

There is no treatment but this viral infection heals itself. It is present in normal times, considered “endemic”, in 11 African countries.

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