Unusual: this Montpellier restaurateur offers €1,000 to whoever finds his chef

It’s an unlikely announcement. Boris Leclercq, owner of the Bambino Rocco restaurant in the Ecusson, has announced that he wants to offer 1,000 euros to the person who will help him find his future chef. A proposal that reveals the difficulties of recruitment in the restaurant industry.

Clients become recruiters. Not finding a chef for his restaurant Bambino Rocco, located in the Ecusson, Boris Leclercq published a surprising video on his restaurant’s Instagram account: He offers €1,000 to whoever finds him his future chef .

“We are having enormous difficulty recruiting”

From the first seconds of the video, the boss highlights the “difficulties in recruiting”. Not finding the ideal candidate to run this famous restaurant in downtown Montpellier, Boris Leclercq therefore decided to “transform his clients into a professional recruiter”.

To hope to pocket the jackpot, there are a few rules to follow. “The person who comes on their own, the person who recommends me a typical Italian chef or a pizza maker, I offer them 20 big tickets of 50€” but, for that, the recruited person must pass the period one month trial.

Contacted, Boris Leclercq explains that he has been looking for a month. Without success. “For the moment we are doing well. We have another restaurant in the city center (Rocco and his mother’s note) and we rotate the teams. But the big season is coming and it will be more complicated.”

“People don’t want to work anymore”

Regarding the salary, the boss explains that this discussion is done with the future chef but he assures that they will be properly paid. “Mediocrity is costing us a fortune anyway,” adds Boris Leclercq.

A publicity stunt that should attract people but above all shows the distress of restaurateurs who are struggling to recruit seasonal workers this year. “It’s very complicated. People no longer want to work. We have to adapt” to the new requirements. For this, the boss is already thinking about setting up a “4-day, flexible weekday system according to the wishes” of his employees.

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