United States: the yacht linked to an oligarch is seized, but the crew does not want to sail

The situation seems to be at an impasse around the Amadea, a superyacht moored in Fiji. However, as revealed at the beginning of May The 1st, a court in Suva (capital of the islands) had ordered its seizure after a warrant from the United States. According to some reports, this superyacht is linked to Russian oligarch Suleyman Kerimov, who is targeted by European and American sanctions after Russia invaded Ukraine. The situation therefore had to be resolved. Except that it is bogged down now, tells us Business Insider.

After the seizure of the boat, it was the crew who decided to act up and refused to help the American authorities to make it sail. The captain of the ship, a Briton, John Walsh, even gave an affidavit. The crew invoked two reasons for their refusal to sail. On the one hand, the members are no longer paid because of the freezing of the assets of their alleged boss. On the other hand, they fear that their reputation will be harmed and that their employment contract will be violated if they collaborate with the authorities.

Ship at dock

In a statement taken by CBS News, John Walsh specifies: “Clearly, the crew refuses to sail the Amadea with the American authorities towards an unknown destination.” The American authorities tried to hire another crew, but the captain refused to sail on board, claiming a “lack of verification” of their skills. 107 meters long and valued at between 300 and 325 million dollars, the Amadea has a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a helipad and a winter garden on the deck. There are also eight cabins.

If the ownership of the boat is not officially attributed to Suleyman Kerimov, the latter has been in the sights of the United States since 2018 already, recalls Business Insider. He is said to have “close ties” with Vladimir Putin. Unlike the Europeans who have already seized many yachts, the United States is having more difficulty at this level. According to Suleyman Kerimov’s lawyer, the yacht does not belong to him, it would be necessary to look for another man, Eduard Khudainatov, who is not sanctioned. In the meantime, the seizure of the ship has been rejected, but it is still at the dock.

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