Two Corsican candidates for legislative elections in the USA and Canada

Franck Bondrille is fromAjaccio. His substitute, Cindy Dellapina, married to Olivier Dellapina, also an Ajaccien, for her part studied at Lycée Laetitia and lived for a few years in the imperial city as well as in Porto Vecchio. A pair that does not appear among the candidates for legislative elections in the four island constituencies. And for good reason. They are engaged as independent candidates in an electoral race taking place across the Atlantic, since it concerns the seat of deputy for the French in North America, which covers the United States and Canada.

Franck Bondrille has spent most of his career in the States. In addition to his schooling in Ajaccio – primary school at Aspretto and Salines 5 and a baccalaureate at Laetitia – this rally enthusiast did his first races at the age of 17. After high school, he moved to Wichita, Kansas, to study. The opportunity to be retained in the American university football team as a kicker.

Election on June 4 and 18

After this American year, he returned to Corsica but the travel virus infected him. Franck Bondrille then created travel agencies in the south of France, before finally moving to the American continent.

He set up a hybrid company there, both a travel and event agency, and among other things manages registrations and bibs for the mythical New York marathon event. Franck Bondrille is now a must when French artists come to tour across the Atlantic.

Cindy Dellapina, mother of two children, is currently adviser to the French for foreigners in western Canada, while Franck Bondrille has performed the same functions for the district of Miami for eight years. He therefore wishes to become the next deputy of the French in North America. The two Corsicans will present themselves to the vote of their voters a little earlier than in France, since the ballot will take place on June 4 and 18 next. If it’s successful, maybe we’ll see some bandage in the country premises on the evening of June 18, as if to remind us that the Corsicans, great travelers, are present all over the world.

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