Twitter: Employees forced to bring toilet paper as Elon Musk fires concierge

Twitter now has only about 2,000 employees, down from nearly 7,800 before

Huge cost-cutting measures by new Twitter boss Elon Musk have forced some employees to bring their own toilet paper due to a lack of staff to replenish stocks at the company’s US headquarters. that New York Times soberly reports that the absence of staff “let the mess set in”. “The toilets have become dirty and the smell of leftover food is everywhere,” according to the paper.

Musk closed four floors of Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters, leaving employees to work on just two floors. It also cut janitorial and cleaning jobs after staff went on strike for a pay rise in early December. Twitter is down to about 2,000 employees, down from nearly 7,800 previously when Musk made massive layoffs after taking over the company on Oct. 28.

Last week, Twitter’s new boss said he had spent the “last five weeks cutting costs like crazy” to save “the company from a $3 billion hole in the budget”. In addition to putting Twitter $13 billion in debt when he bought it and then losing $4 million a day in ad revenue, Musk now faces interest payments expected to reach more than a year.billion over the next 12 months.

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