Twitter: Elon Musk lost his Silicon Valley mind long ago

Elon Musk is described as a product of Silicon Valley. Certainly, he has taken full advantage of it for the past twenty-five years, but he does not share its spirit, he simply does not like it. He demonstrated this during the pandemic, by marking his disagreement with the Californian executive on how to manage the health crisis. As early as January 2020, he proclaimed loud and clear that Covid-19 was not a viral disease, in March that any form of panic was “stupid” and that the cases would have practically disappeared before the end of April. As the disease ravaged the country, he advocated, with Trump, more fanciful remedies than each other, and when the governor of California announced strict confinements, Musk seized this pretext to set up his headquarters in Texas. In fact, he had left Silicon Valley since the late 2000s, when he got sucked into Hollywood and its star system.

Let’s rewind. Elon Musk was born in Pretoria in 1971 to a South African father and a Canadian mother. He moved to Canada at the age of 17 with 2,000 dollars in his pocket to pursue his higher education. He ended up at the University of Pennsylvania where he obtained a double degree in economics and physics and arrived in California in 1995 for a doctorate at Stanford University. There, he decided instead to create a start-up with his brother and a friend, Zip2, acquired by Compaq in 1999.

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