Twitter angry at Elon Musk, Free’s bug solved, this is the recap of the week

Free cancels the restriction on its Internet boxes, Elon Musk attracts the wrath of Twitter, Linky counters down because of ants, this is the recap ‘of the week.

If you are a Free subscriber, you will be happy to learn that the company has finally canceled the speed limit at 500 Mb/s. While the tone is rising between Twitter and Elon Musk, the ants continue like every year to destroy the Linky counters . If you have installed the Windows 11 update and you are a victim of the famous error blue screen, know that there is a temporary solution to counter this bug.

Ground markings are now sufficient on some roads

Since last year, certain areas no longer require the presence of traffic signs to indicate speed, markings on the ground being now sufficient. Some cities will see the advantage of making significant savings and limiting the amount of information to be recorded for the driver. This new order is not unanimous: while some motorists are delighted because this measure limits visual noise, others are worried and think that some drivers could be lost.

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Credit: @HubertBecart / Twitter

Free: the restricted speed problem has finally been solved

It took five weeks for Free to correct the speed bug restricted to around 500 Mb/s on its Internet boxes. Many testimonials had accumulated over the weeks, users sometimes being unable to watch videos on YouTube for example. The problem was finally solved by Free which, via the 4.5.8 firmware update, finally canceled the restriction of the speed to 500 Mb/s.

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Elon Musk draws the wrath of Twitter

After pausing the takeover of Twitter, Elon Musk is still talking about him by revealing his calculation method to check the number of fake accounts on the social network. Twitter did not appreciate this move and accuses the billionaire of having violated certain confidentiality agreements. It remains to be seen whether the situation can improve in the future or whether we should expect other twists and turns.

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The latest Windows 11 update causes a bug

Testimonials on Reddit are multiplying following the latest Windows 11 security update deployed on May 10. Indeed, since the installation of version KB5013943, the famous blue error screen has made a comeback, much to the chagrin of users, who sometimes don’t even have time to read the error message. If you are one of the victims of this bug, know that there is a temporary solution that we describe in detail in our news.

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Ants cause a massive outage at Linky

Like every year, the Linky meters were the target of ants. An Enedis technician spoke on the subject following an intervention, explaining that “ insects love a Linky meter component “. The electricity network operator claims that about a million meters trip or break down due to ants every year. That being said, this problem is not serious and following the breakdown, the technician will simply have to replace the damaged meter with a version equipped with protection for its electronic cards in order to avoid attracting ants.

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Our tests of the week

Honor pulls out of the game with the Magic4 Pro

In addition to a slight tendency to heat up, a perfectible autonomy and an absence of autofocus with the panoramic sensor, the Magic4 Pro is an excellent high-end smartphone. During our test, we were won over by its original design, the quality of its materials, the powerful dual loudspeaker and the excellent 3D facial recognition. The Magic4 Pro is also a good photophone and offers very fast charging, wired or wireless.

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Sony Linkbuds S: very good value for money

Besides a sleek design, the Linkbuds are perfect if you’re looking for quality headphones under $200. The audio quality is good, the noise reduction is effective and the autonomy is satisfactory, provided you do not activate the LDAC. We appreciate the sensitivity of the tactile surface but we regret that the customization of the controls is not so simple.

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OnePlus Nord 2T 5G: an (almost) high-end smartphone for less than 500 euros

OnePlus takes up the challenge of offering an excellent smartphone for less than 500 euros. With its impeccable design worthy of a top of the range, its fluid overlay, its ultra-powerful processor, its excellent autonomy and its very fast charging, the Nord 2T 5G ensures you a premium experience. Only downside, we regret the lack of microSD port and IP68 certification and it is true that the screen limited to 90 Hz could have been better calibrated.

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