Trading: should we trust influencers? – 05/13/2022 at 07:02

Paid by trading sites to deliver investment advice, or authors of tweets followed by millions of followers, social media stars are increasingly influencing the market. (© Shutterstock/AFP/D HULL)

Nabilla gives advice on bitcoin, Elon Musk boosts the price of an unknown company in Texas in a single tweet… the stars of social networks are also embedded in the world of finance. Beyond the anecdote, is it reasonable to trust those who, on YouTube or Twitter, proclaim themselves financial advisers?

Do not call them influencers! In the hushed world of trading and the stock market, the notion of influence always smells a bit like sulfur. When reality TV celebrities such as Nabilla, in France, or Kim Kardashian, in the United States, are paid to promote cryptocurrency trading sites, the scandal is not far away.

So when you ask star traders and analysts of social networks like Nicolas Cheron or Benoist Rousseau about the role of “stock market influencers”, they send you back to the ropes.

“I only use the incredible power of social networks to share my convictions and my knowledge,” assures Nicolas Cheron, analyst and strategist for Zonebourse. The man, at the head of a community of 90,000 followers on his Twitter account and 73,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, therefore denies influencing anyone. Same speech for Benoist Rousseau and his nearly 30,000 subscribers to the Andlil channel. “A simple active community of enthusiasts” with whom he exchanges his advice, or rather his “convictions”, to use a term that avoids the problems of “compliance”.

Elon Musk and his dog

We are far from the escapades of the American Cathie Wood, a UFO in the world of finance, who fascinates her 1.3 million followers as much as she annoys the most seasoned traders, and who never tires



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