Toulouse. Superette Burgers, the new gourmet address that offers real American burgers

Smash burgers, double cheeseburgers… A new gourmet address has just opened in Toulouse. (©Superette burgers)

Superette Burgers officially opens this Wednesday, June 1, 2022, at Toulousein the neighborhood Saint Cyprien, Place de l’Estrapade. A new gourmet address that offers generous burgers, like those that can be enjoyed at the counters of American diners.

International course

Behind this new address, we find Vincent Louw. Originally from the Pink City, this 31-year-old young man notably cut his teeth at the gentle slopebefore packing for Hong Kong where he worked in natural wines and catering. He also worked at UNITED STATESto Biarritz and to darwin ecosystema well-known spot in Bordeaux.

“During confinement, I started training to make burgers, explains the young man. After a while, my friends wanted to come and eat at my house only if I made burgers for dinner! »

Large stainless steel counter as in dinners

Superette Burger was also born from love at first sight: that of Vincent for a premises located Place de l’Estrapade. “Before it was a pizzeria, explains the young man. We installed a large stainless steel counter, in the spirit of American diners. »

A reference to the United States that can also be found in the pretty typography of the restaurant menu or in the establishment’s slogan: “Wholesome & delicious burgers”, a reference to an advertisement by Andy Warhol.

The same bread as at Shake Shake

The menu is short, but effective! At Superette burgers, you can taste smash burgers, double cheeseburgers or friday fried chicken burgers and of course french fries. “The meat comes from a nearby butcher. The bread comes directly from the United States. It is based on potato starch, it is the one used in Shake Shake restaurants. ”

Prices range between 6 and 11 euros. The establishment has a large terrace.

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Practical information :
Superette Burgers, 7 place de l’Estrapade, in Toulouse.
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., then from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Open Sunday from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

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