Toulouse. Made in Occitania, 100% digital… They are opening a street food restaurant like no other

On Wednesday May 4, 2022, Sophie Briqueler and Thomas Robert inaugurated their restaurant near the Jardin des Plantes in Toulouse. (©Terroir Club)

Street food made in Occitania… in a 100% digital restaurant! It is the bet that Terroir Cluba brand new brand that has just set up in the heart of the Jardin des Plantes district in Toulouse.

Two TBS graduates

Behind this restaurant opened in rue Saint-Joseph, we find Sophie Bricker and thomas roberttwo friends and former students of the Toulouse Business School (TBS).

After graduating in 2006, they decided to follow parallel careers. The first has commercial functions in digital, in France and internationally. The second works in food marketing in Paris.

Finally, in 2019, the two friends decided to return to the Pink City with the intention of carrying out a joint entrepreneurial project, linked to food and innovation. Thus was born Terroir Club.

95% of Occitan ingredients

As its name suggests, Terroir Club gives pride of place to local products. In effect, 95% of the ingredients come from the Occitanie region, the remaining 5% (mainly condiments) from France or neighboring countries such as Spain. The list of ingredients and main producers is available.

On their plates, customers will initially have the choice between two offers. The first is the Occibol. A poke bowl Occitanie version with regional seasonal products. “The idea is to combine the modernity of the preparations (carpaccio, gravelax, pulled pork, hummus) with good products from our region”, explains the brand.

Count 13.50 euros for an Occibòl with an accompaniment, a drink or a dessert.

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L'Occibòl will give pride of place to Occitan products.
L’Occibòl will give pride of place to Occitan products. (©Terroir Club)

The second offer, called “Occipan”, is aimed at sandwich lovers. The Ciabatta-inspired buns are made with 100% regional flours. These filled breads are sold from 11.90 euros.

“Whether you are traditional foodistas, flexitarians, vegetarians or vegans, you will inevitably find what you are looking for, especially since we offer the possibility of choosing dishes that are already prepared, or of customizing them! »

Sophie BrickerCo-manager of Terroir Club
Terroir Club also offers a sandwich offer.
Terroir Club also offers a sandwich offer. (©Terroir Club)

Order and payment on your smartphone

To stand out even more, the restaurant has bet on a concept fully digital. How ? Being specially designed for the delivery and the Click & Collect. Thus, the entire ordering and payment process is done on smart phonewhether on the website dedicated to take-out orders or via delivery applications (Deliveroo and Uber Eats).

A terrace with about fifteen seats has been set up in front of the establishment.
A terrace with about fifteen seats has been set up in front of the establishment. (©Terroir Club)

Thus, the local Terroir Club, open to the street, remains entirely dedicated to the kitchen. A terrace with about fifteen seats allows customers who wish to eat a bite outside.

“We met various Occitan players in the committed food industry and we realized that no one offered a local and modern fast food offer on delivery platforms, despite the strong development of this distribution channel and the tremendous wealth of the terroir of Occitania, France’s leading agricultural region”.

thomas robertCo-manager of Terroir Club

Zero waste goal

In addition to promoting local products, Terroir Club wants to become a “benchmark” in terms of responsible catering.

“We work as much as possible in the kitchen with reconditioned equipment thanks to our partner Vesto, an approach which has enabled us to limit the creation of waste from the design phase of the project. In addition, we favor recyclable cardboard packaging and will soon provide our Click & Collect customers with zero waste alternatives, via a deposit system, and other initiatives are being studied to go even further,” concludes ThomasRobert.

Practical information
Terroir Club

1 rue Saint-Joseph, Toulouse
Monday to Friday, 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Click & Collect and delivery (Deliveroo, Uber Eats).

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