This smoked cooked chicken sold at Leclerc should not be eaten!

Reminders follow. Retail giant Leclerc is recalling chicken sold in its stores from May 13 to 19 due to the presence of Listeria. We explain to you.

This is again poultry, as it is Volandry chicken brand smoked cooked chicken, one batch of which was contaminated with listeria. Sold in its stores from May 13 to 19, the products are in trays with the barcode 28600050, followed by six random numbers.

Their use-by date is June 8, 2022. Since the beginning of April, five recalls have already been recorded concerning a risk of listeria. Carrefour and Leclerc had recalled fish, Franprix and Auchan cheese.

A listeria infection, also called listeriosis, manifests itself after an incubation period that can vary from a few days to several weeks, generally between 10 and 28 days after consumption of the contaminated food. Symptoms include fever, headache, and digestive upset.

In some cases, neurological disorders may occur, which must be treated immediately as they can be life-threatening. Listeriosis is particularly serious in pregnant women and can lead to loss of the baby, premature delivery and respiratory distress in the infant soon after birth.

Leclerc reports the presence of Listeria in this product, beware!

What to do in case of doubt?

If you have purchased this product and have not yet consumed it, you should promptly return it to the store where you purchased it. Do not consume it. If you have consumed it, watch for the symptoms mentioned above.

If you have any of these symptoms but are unsure whether it is related to listeria contamination, consult your doctor promptly and tell him that you have eaten foods affected by a listeria recall. A contact number has been set up,


As usual with foods containing potential traces of listeria, Rappel conso recommends that you do not consume the product, bring it back to the point of sale and contact consumer service.

Finally, Rappel conso specifies that people who have consumed the products mentioned and who have a fever, isolated or accompanied by headaches and body aches, are invited to consult their doctor and report this consumption to him.

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