This meal served in a Montreal hospital is extremely reacting

An image posted on Twitter by a journalist from La Presse arouses passions.

It was 5:21 p.m. on Thursday when Isabelle Massé, journalist in the Business section of The Pressdropped a bombshell on Twitter.

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“Supper served in a Montreal hospital today to a patient… at 4:40 p.m. I think it’s a soap that accompanies potatoes and green peas!”, wrote Massé, accompanying his publication with a photo where we can see a cardboard lunch box containing a dumpling of potatoes. earth, a shovelful of sad-looking green peas and a mysterious yellow rectangular prism.

In Quebec, as we know, the quality of the meals served in hospitals and CHSLDs has been the subject of recriminations for a very long time.

It is therefore hardly surprising that the users of the social network with the blue bird felt revolted to see this poor gastronomic spectacle.

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The case of the mysterious yellow rectangular prism particularly triggered passions.

Here are some of the most virulent/tragico-comic comments:

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For those wondering, the mysterious yellow rectangular prism is an omelet.

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