they now sell breads… at half price, “more and more people were complaining”

Last Sunday, a passerby took a photo of the Panos store located on the Meir, the most important shopping street in Antwerp, even as Belgium and the rest of the world are going through a major crisis due to the increase in the price of electricity. ‘energy.

Posted on a Facebook page, the photo caused a lot of talk and forced the parent company of Panos to react. La Lorraine said the branch manager had been contacted.

Nele Van Malderen, spokesperson for the company, defended herself to Radio 2: “It is indeed not a pretty picture that is drawn up. However, these are very limited quantities. In all our stores, the overage is limited to 1.5 or 2% of our total sales. With daily fresh produce, it is never possible to predict exactly how much will be sold. »

Lead by example

If the Panos controversy has caused many more to sink, another chain of bakeries wants to set an example in the north of the country. As our colleagues from HLN write, Van Hecke decided two months ago to sell “yesterday’s bread”, and this at half price. “More and more people were complaining about the sharp rise in the price of bread,” said an employee.

Lieselot, a sales assistant in one of the chain’s bakeries in Ghent, indicates that “for a large or medium loaf of yesterday you pay 1.5 euros, for a small one 1 euro”. The action has no impact on the sale of fresh bread: “We hardly notice any difference,” she adds.


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