They bury their cat, the latter reappears a few hours later

It’s a story to make goat, or rather cat for once. As reported by our colleagues from the New York Post, a British couple had a funny surprise.

Friday, May 13 did not bring them luck. Danielle Smith, a 30-year-old Brit living in Birmingham, says she saw a message in a group of mums in the neighborhood asking if anyone knew of a large enough black and white male cat.

“My cat is quite naughty”

A description that sounds like Lucky, her cat. She explains to the local media Kennedy News: “My cat is quite naughty, and he often tries to run into people’s homes. So I replied saying ‘me, what did he do’, and I sent him a picture, but I didn’t I haven’t had any news.”

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She then decides to directly call the mother in question, who remained silent: “I was freaking out because she wasn’t responding!” Finally, a few minutes later, she receives a call. The mother explains to him that with the photo, she is not sure that it is Lucky, but that the cat is indeed at home.

lucky is dead

Danielle Smith then sends her husband Sam to retrieve the cat. A few minutes later, the man returns with the body of an animal in a bag of potatoes: “It’s Lucky”he told her sadly.

The dead cat had been hit by a car. She then wanted to check in the bag, her husband then tried to dissuade her, but to grieve, she had to be sure that it was Lucky. The cat’s tasks matched well…

Her husband then dug a grave in the garden, where they buried the cat, below a headstone that read “RIP Lucky”.

Lucky reappears

The next day, arriving at work, the young woman explains to her boss that she is not well because she is thinking of her cat who died the day before.

At 10:30 a.m., the story takes another turn. Danielle Smith receives a photo of Lucky eating at one of her neighbors. The mom who sends her the picture tells her that she doesn’t think it’s Lucky, but Danielle is sure it’s him.

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A few hours later, she receives a video from her husband where we see Lucky eating in his bowl, then washing in his bed.

“A traumatic weekend”

She jumps for joy, but then asks herself a question: whose cat is she buried? She then managed to find the real owner of the buried dog, and asked her if she wanted him to be dug up to rest somewhere else or to be cremated.

The owner then replied that, if she agreed, she could let him rest in the garden. A story that ends well on one side, but which was not easy for Danielle Smith: “It was a traumatic weekend!”

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