These 7 foods that will rejuvenate you to be on top this summer!

Do you know that our diet plays a very important role in slowing down the aging process? We reveal the details below!

We all know that it is always very important to consume fruits and vegetables. Following a healthy and balanced diet is essential to maintain the proper functioning of the organs but above all to preserve growth.

Both for children and for adults! Do you know that the foods we eat have a big influence on skin aging ? Well, let’s discover together what are the 7 main ingredients that will make you look younger!

Food: the ingredients to add to your meals

Without further ado, discover below a list of healthy foods that will help slow down the aging process. Take notes ! Let’s start with the green vegetables. This is undoubtedly the basic element for any diet! We probably tell you very often, but these are very good for your health!

It is therefore advisable to add green on your plate. You have the choice between a delicious broccoli gratin, raw vegetables with spinach or pasta salads with kale. It’s up to you to prepare what suits you the most. Namely that green vegetables are full of beta-carotene, vitamin K and vitamin B12.

Also consider adding Cucumbers in your dish for a diet rich in vitamins and vegetable silicon. These foods are known for their health benefits. Plus, these are very tasty! You can combine them with salads or with snacks like spring rolls or others.

You should also know that cucumbers are one of those foods that are full of water! And to look younger, we must remember to moisturize our skin. But that’s not all ! These are also rich in vegetable silicon. The latter promotes the production of elastins and collagens! The ideal supports to keep your skin supple!

These foods that you must include in your daily meals

Do you usually eat nuts? It’s already a good thing ! But if not, it’s time to include them in your diet! Not only are they cheap, but they also bring a lot of benefits to our body. Its richness in vitamin E, zinc and also selenium is what will allow them to provide your skin with the necessary softness to keep it young.

In addition, you have several choices of nuts. Examples include cashew, pecan, Grenoble or other nuts. You should also know that the latter have the capacity to lower bad cholesterol levels. This is one of the main sources that accelerate the aging process!

Ceps also bring several great nutritional values ​​to your diet. Its richness in vitamin B allows them to develop rejuvenating properties. Although they are still “quite expensive”, it is still a very good investment! However, you can always opt for the other varieties of mushrooms even if porcini mushrooms are the most ideal!

Always with the aim of offering you basic ingredients for a healthy and balanced diet, we must think about include blueberries. The latter also represent many benefits but above all are full of vitamin C. In addition, they have a low caloric intake! By eliminating various free radicals, blueberries will make your skin firmer and smoother.

Diet: oily fish and poultry liver

Indeed, fish are just as beneficial and effective in slowing down the aging of the skin. Indeed, the latter actually contain a large number of essential fatty acids, or quite simply in Omega 3 ! So remember to include ingredients such as sardines, salmon or herring in your diet.

And to finish our list of rejuvenating foods, let’s see what chicken liver reserves us as properties! It has a high dose of vitamins B5 and A. The latter not only promote hydration but also the elasticity of the skin. If you plan to add them to your diet, you can fry it and accompany it with a salad or vegetables.

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