These 10 dog breeds are the most banned in the world

For health and welfare reasons, but also for safety reasons, certain breeds of dogs are banned in many countries and regions of the world. Indeed, because of selective breeding, some breeds can have particularly fragile health and, because of their race, others are particularly fierce and can pose a threat to humans. But, whatever the reasons, here are 10 of the most banned dog breeds in the world.

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10. The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Distinguished by a noble and elegant appearance, Czechoslovakian wolfdogs are majestic animals. Descended from a cross between a domestic dog and a wolf, its varied genetic structure makes it an extremely unpredictable dog. Indeed, this breed of dog can react to certain situations like a wolf – which, let’s remember, is a wild animal –, and to others like a dog. This most certainly poses a danger, and for this reason having a wolfdog is illegal in Norway, several US states and several Canadian provinces.

Gabrielle AndriamanjatosonMay 27, 2022

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