The world of trading opens up to you

Lydia Solutions launches into Trading and offers access to new possibilities to its users. The music in the ad is “A Mistry Day” of Wild Child.

The Lydia Solutions Trading campaign

Launched in 2011, Lydia Solutions is a company specializing in mobile payment. With its application available for free download, it has greatly facilitated payments between relatives. It allows you to pay, receive, save and manage your money from a single interface and more easily from your mobile.

Today with nearly 6 million users in France, Lydia reinvents itself and addresses several areas. After virtual payment and consumer credit, the startup is now moving into trading. This innovation will allow Lydia users to access the world of trading with only 1 euro, but also to be able to invest in cryptocurrency.

Advertising Lydia, the world of trading opens up to you

The advertisement Lydia “the trading world is opening up” à vous begins with the image of a woman investing in L’Oréal shares directly from her smartphone. She performs this operation with only 5 euros. As soon as this transaction is carried out, we see the young woman climbing a staircase that takes her to the clouds. There, she discovers that she is accessing a new world. A place where he can invest in all assets. We see it take off, surrounded by the logo of American and French companies listed on the stock exchange.

The Lydia commercial continues with a young man who is sitting on a bus. The latter chooses to invest in Bitcoin with only 5 euros from his Lydia account. He in turn accesses the new world. Finally, we see another young woman in her apartment. She also begins to trade and subsequently finds the two previous investors and all three in weightlessness, discovers the new possibilities of Lydia Solutions.

What is the music of the Lydia 2022 ad?

To promote its new Trading offer, Lydia Solution opted for a song byWild Child. title, title “A Mistry Day” is taken from the album “Petrichor” released in 2021.

Wild Child real name Guillaume Alric is an electro music singer of French nationality. He wears his nickname for his solo career, but he is also part of the electro duo The Blaze which he forms with his cousin Jonathan. Together they won the prize for best electronic music album at the Music Victories in 2019. Guillaume Alric started music with the nickname of Mayd Hubb and he collaborates with many artists.

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