The World Ahead – Is the United States Truly Legitimate in the Fight for Liberal Democratic Values?

The election of Joe Biden to the White House marked the strong comeback of liberal democracy on the international level, after four years spent with a Donald Trump closer to autocrats than to democrats: Washington thus reconnected with its fundamentals and the world would certainly find some consistency.

Since the start of his mandate, Joe Biden has held his line: if his democracy summit, organized in December 2021, disappointed, he maintains a strong position, in particular for the next Summit of the Americas scheduled for June 6 to 10, where he wants to invite only democratic regimes that respect human rights, and therefore ignore Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. During his last trip to Asia, the American president also expressed the desire to unite local democracies against the Chinese totalitarian regime and to contain the desire to invade Taiwan.

He also got involved in the context of the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine, which he made one of the symbols of the opposition between liberal democracy and autocracy, as in a kind of return to a rebooted bipolar vision of the world. An attempt to organize the planet into two blocks, to replay the good guys against the bad guys. However, it is a risky attempt, the effectiveness of which is far from certain, particularly in the context of the war waged by Moscow in kyiv.

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