The whole world is rushing to the border between Mexico and the United States

Fifteen years ago, I followed a Peruvian journalist who was reporting on a group of twenty Chinese migrants found lost in the desert of northern Peru. They arrived on a container ship and then paid smugglers to take them to Ecuador. Once there, they planned to fly to Panama and then make their way to the Mexico-US border.

Cross the oceans

At the time, I was flabbergasted that some people were willing to cross an ocean in a container ship and then vast stretches of two continents by bus and on foot. Today, that no longer surprises me.

For four years, I have been in charge of a humanitarian media called The Migrant. Affiliated with the NGO Internews, we provide migrants passing through Mexico with information on the resources available to them.

We go to meet them every day to discuss the reasons that led them to leave their country and their objectives, and to provide them with the essential information aimed at guaranteeing their safety and helping them find a certain stability.

In particular, we have published articles on where to seek treatment, for those who have lost an arm or a leg while traveling on the roof of “the Beast”, the infamous freight train that connects southern Mexico to the US border. for the mutilations suffered by those who fall. Other articles detail US immigration policies. Every month, our work reaches approximately 40,000 migrants and Mexicans.

Fighting misinformation

This project taught me one thing: the United States does not share its southern border only with Mexico. They share it with the whole planet.

As soon as a crisis occurs anywhere in the world, victims flock to the American border. For those fleeing human rights abuses, poverty, or war, the United States embodies the hope of finding work and living in relative safety. It is also an accessible country. Many migrants take the

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The West Coast Giant. Created in 1881, it is the most left-wing of the country’s large-circulation daily newspapers and the leading specialist in social issues and the entertainment industry.

It wasn’t until the 1940s that it became Los Angeles’ leading daily. Owned by Californians from the outset, the title was bought in 2000 by the Tribune group – owner of the Chicago Grandstand. In 2018, the Los Angeles Times is sold to a biotech billionaire, Patrick Soon-Shiong.

After years of declining sales, the waltz of editorial directors and cuts in the workforce, this former surgeon intends to relaunch the title and make it take the digital bandwagon. With a very ambitious goal: 5 million digital subscribers. A challenge while the Los Angeles Times account at the beginning of 2019 around 150,000.

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