The United States tried to prevent the elimination of the Russian chief of staff, the New York Times reports

The Americans, fearing an escalation of the conflict in the event of the elimination of the Russian Army No. 1, hid General Gerasimov’s visit from the Ukrainians in April.

The US tried to prevent an elimination by Ukrainian forces of General Valery Gerasimov, the chief of staff of the Russian army, reports. New York Times . The American intelligence services, which had learned of his intention to go to the front line at the end of April, did not communicate the information to Kiev. His movement was finally discovered by the Ukrainian intelligence service, which planned a strike and made sure to notify Washington.

The Americans, fearing an escalation of the conflict in the event of the elimination of the Russian Army’s No. 1, wanted to prevent the Ukrainians from attacking the general. “We told them not to“, an American official assured New York Times. But the operation was already underway and the strike killed a dozen Russians, which spares the Chief of Staff anyway. Since then, visits by Russian military leaders have been greatly reduced.

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From the first daysspecial military operationUkraine tried to eliminate Russian generals. On The Wall Street Journal , a member of President Zelensky’s inner circle said Ukraine has a military intelligence team dedicated to targeting Russian officers. These, often standing close to radar antennas, would be relatively easy to spot. The Ukrainians then target them with an anti-tank missile or a drone.

Four deaths, out of the fourteen announced by Kiev, have been confirmed by Moscow. In comparison, the US military lost two generals in the Korean War, which lasted three years. “A senior officer personifies the armed forcesexplained to Figaro Joseph Henrotin. Capturing or killing him is considered a victory“.

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