The United States must occupy the ground in the face of Chinese expansion

Hundreds of military bases belonging to the United States are distributed in at least forty-five countries. The United Kingdom, France and even Singapore maintain overseas bases. For the moment, China has installed only one, in Djibouti in 2017, but it does not intend to stop there, when it now has more ships than the American navy. Beijing has approached at least five potential host countries. In April, in particular, its trade agreement with the Solomon Islands raised fears that it was a step towards a military presence.

Ultimately, it is American naval domination of the Pacific that is at stake. The Chinese denounce it as “imperialist”, stressing that their own military expansion is peaceful, aimed only at protecting their expatriates, their investments in the abroad and their trade routes. Their neighbors are not convinced. China has installed missile batteries on islets in the South China Sea, threatens to annex Taiwan by force and would like all Asian countries to bow to its power. Which means driving the Americans out of the region.

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