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Skaze is an innovative trading desk that places people at the heart of its services: advertisers benefit from a dedicated team of 5 people. Skaze’s omnichannel solutions and expertise in the field of marketing allow the orchestration of innovative programmatic campaigns on all digital formats! The Trading Desk has also developed a series of proprietary tools: “the Skaze Tools Suite”in order to offer a complete offer to advertisers!

Today we welcome David Lévy, Co-Founder and CEO of Skaze, to tell us more about this new generation Trading Desk.

Interview with David Lévy, Co-Founder and CEO of Skaze

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JUPDLC: Can you introduce us to Skaze in a few words?

David Levy : Skaze exists since 2016, and was created by 3 founders: Harrys Melki, Raphaël Laïk and myself. We are an omnichannel programmatic trading desk, that is to say that we support advertisers in the problems of acquiring and retaining online customers. We respond to issues of visibility, traffic and conversion.

JUPDLC: Why did you embark on programmatic support?

David Levy: I have been working in the e-marketing business for about twenty years. I did communication strategy on social media with Publicis, performance marketing with Awin. Then I worked at Content Square for everything related to behavioral analyzes and user experience. Then, I was commercial director at Sociomantic. When we met with Harrys, the boss of Avent Media, and Raphaël, the idea was to use my skills in data, performance marketing and programmatic, and add an extra string to the arc of Avent Media, by creating Skaze.

JUPDLC: How is Skaze an asset for digital advertising campaigns?

David Levy: One of our strengths is first of all to combine programmatic with omnichannel, but what does that mean? Today, we have an approach that is user-centric. That is to say that we will identify upstream the populations that we wish to reach via identifier systems, and we will be able to activate levers, depending on the user’s journey. We will first activate branding with video or display, then we convert the user into a visit to the website, with personalized advertisements. And finally, we transform them into sales, leads or in-store traffic depending on the advertisers’ objectives.

On the programmatic side, we can decline in many formats: video, audio (like streaming or national radio on the internet), display with all its variations, segmented and linear TV, DOOH… And to all that, we add performance levers like emailing and retargeting in display and emailing.

A second advantage is the extra rope we have with the Avent Media group and Influens. Network, which allows us to offer scripted and written operations with influencers, who will relay brand messages to their communities. And the strength that we have is to create a sounding board, a media amplification with all the other levers that I was able to mention previously.

JUPDLC: Why isn’t Skaze a trading desk like the others?

David Levy: We position ourselves as a service company, and we have excellence in support, which is done through dedicated teams for each of our advertisers. We have an integrated creation studio, which brings a lot of added value. At the top of the list, not re-invoicing creatives to our clients is like an extension of a service that an advertiser has outsourced.

We mainly work with large SMEs and ETIs which have an international resonance, but which are not part of the top 30, and which will not have a ton of internal resources, or a ton of media agencies. With our dedicated team system, we are available all day for our customers.

A second element of Skaze’s differentiation is the development of our own technologies: a DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) for the creation of dynamic banners in HTML5, a CDP (Consumer Data Platform) for scoring audiences by industry and predictions, and the recovery of identifiers. All of this is, of course, GDPR Compliant.

JUDPLC: At a time when digital support is largely automated, how does Skaze manage to maintain a human link with the customer?

David Levy: We have very fulfilled teams, with little turnover at home. Some people have been there since the creation of the company, and create privileged links with customers. We also try not to overload our media traders with accounts, so that they can devote time to their clients. The close link is made there, through availability. Our media traders and account managers call their client at least once a week, and must update their reporting every day for proper monitoring. Today we also try to intellectualize the sale, not to be just dream sellers, but to put in place a real strategy. And that can be seen from the initial recommendation, in which we have good transparency on the projections, there is very little difference with the results. Our sales representatives are also present at each stage of support, and never leave the customer relationship.

JUPDLC: How is your client portfolio composed?

David Levy: We work with different industries. We have an over-representation in fashion & beauty (clothing, but also hairdressers, make-up, etc.), with whom it works very well. We work a lot, in lead generation, with real estate, credit, insurance and the automotive world with auto centers. More and more, the health industry is emerging here, since in 2020 we won the call for tenders for Expanscience laboratories, for Mustela and therefore many brands of this laboratory. They are very satisfied because they signed until 2023. It opened a lot of doors for us in medical or paramedical homes for all seniors. We work very well in optics or hearing aids. We work a little in tourism, but since the health crisis, we have all taken a big hit on this sector.

JUPDLC: How do you compare to the competition?

David Levy: We are independent, that is to say that we are not linked to a press group or to internet media. We maintain a certain objectivity and impartiality not to be judge and party, not to sell inventory that we are going to buy on our own media. We are a small structure, unlike most of our colleagues, who are between 200 and 350. We are a team of 25 people, which means that today we have a breakeven that is much weaker than these actors- the. The entry ticket is €10,000 with us, but the advertiser is treated the same way as if he spent €100,000. Indeed, our breakeven means that we can afford to spend time on our accounts. Moreover, it is also the philosophy of the leaders, that is to say not to overload the media traders so that we still remain in a collegial and pleasant atmosphere. And ditto, advertisers like the availability of their interlocutors, and the fact that they are the same: a technical account manager, an artistic director, an account manager and a media trader.

Photo credit: Skaze

JUPDLC: How is Skaze doing today?

David Levy: Skaze is doing very well. We have been in hypergrowth since 2018, and this year we will reach 62% growth. And above all, we have customers who are happy, who renew. We don’t have hundreds of campaigns per month, but we do have advertisers who, 9 times out of 10, renew themselves as common threads. The promise of sale is equivalent to what is delivered, which is a satisfaction for everyone… A great victory.

JUPDLC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

David Levy: The objective is already to strengthen our bases and what we offer in programmatic. I would like us to continue to develop proprietary solutions for our clients, so that they have even more visibility on their campaigns, and transparency. We want the group to grow enormously. We have a lot of recruitment projects, we are in the process of solidifying the processes. And of course, we would like to develop internationally!

Find all the information about Skaze on its dedicated page!

Skaze tool page

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