The sushi restaurant, place Mossé in Nevers, permanently closed

Open for several years, the Japanese restaurant Yuriko, located 2, place Mossé in the city center of Nevers, has just announced its closure on social networks. The managers say they are “sorry to announce this news so abruptly”.

According to them, this closure is explained by two reasons: “Between the health crisis that we suffered and then now the works, in front of our restaurant, we are unfortunately unable to continue our activity”, they write.

Third phase of work

April 11 marked the launch of the third phase of work in question: the development of Place Mossé and its “lower” part, until August, with repercussions on the streets of Loire, Saint-Genest, Guichet and the Cathedral. The mayor of Nevers, Denis Thuriot, then evoked “a peaceful place, with terraces. Restaurants and cafes will be able to offer a complementary offer.

Linda Hammer


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