The restaurant tickets will be replaced by the name card!

Many people have restaurant vouchers for 6, 7 or 8 euros in their wallet. This payment voucher, invented in 1962, is increasingly dematerialized by replacing the paper version with a name card of the same type as a bank card. If the card is more practical and more ecological, the new formula is not always unanimous.

Will restaurant tickets disappear?

In a restaurant in Saint-Pierre, these payment vouchers in catering are commonplace. However, more and more, these paper tickets of different values ​​are dematerialized by being replaced by cards.

Regarding consumers, opinions differ as to the new form and the old one. “I still prefer cards because it’s more convenient, so you can pay while shopping, you can pay any amount of money you want. It’s adaptable”explains a man.

“The downside would be, for those who want to share their tickets, give a ticket if you meet someone in the street, if you want to do a good thing. So this card is a constraint because you can’t give”indicates a consumer in a restaurant.

The name card takes over

Indeed, with a card, the principle of solidarity will apply less and less. The objective of the name card, beyond the reduction of paper, is to facilitate the management of tickets in companies or communities.

For restaurateurs, the card only brings advantages: “It’s an impossible time saver: we type in the amount, we scan, and it’s over. Whereas with tickets, there are people who arrive with a different amount, we can have 9 euros, 5 euros, 6 euros, and it’s a waste of time to count everything and register in the cash register”says a restorer.

After 60 years of existence, the paper ticket is doomed to disappear completely to make way for its big brother, the card ticket.


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