The Republican elected alternate with a fake resume

“I am embarrassed and sorry for embellishing my CV […]. We do stupid things in life.” said George Santos at New York Post. This 34-year-old Republican, who was elected in November in New York State, nevertheless intends to sit in the House of Representatives from January.

In the interview given on December 26 to the conservative tabloid, Santos admits not having “never worked directly” for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, on Wall Street. He regrets “poorly chosen words”, claimed that he actually worked for a company that dealt with the two financial giants.

He also admits that he never obtained a university degree, while an official biography presents him as a former student of New York University and Baruch College, a graduate in finance and economics, recalls New York Times, who exposed these lies.

George Santos also admits that he does not own his home, despite declaring that he had a real estate portfolio of 13 properties. In addition, the would-be deputy reveals that he was married to a woman for years, he who stayed “the first openly gay Republican to win a seat in the House of Representatives”, adds New York Times.

A “stunning” example of forgery

On the other hand, he resolutely denies having committed a criminal act, “while New York Times revealed court records in Brazil that show Santos was charged with fraud as a juvenile,” reminders of everyday life. He is identified there “by his full name, his date of birth and his parents’ names”.

He also denies the chain’s claims CNN and the Jewish magazine Forward, that he falsely led people to believe he had Jewish ancestry, claiming on his campaign website that his grandparents were born in Europe and had fled the Holocaust to Brazil during World War II.

To New York Times, this whole story is “one of the most stunning examples of a future parliamentarian falsifying essential elements of his biography. Santos maintained his lies during two consecutive campaigns to enter Congress, the first of which failed”.

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