The Press in Arizona | “It’s a rare bird, Lemieux”

(Glendale) David Lemieux entered the ring on the song That’s Life, by Frank Sinatra, Saturday. maybe My Way would have been more conducive.

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Jean-Francois Teotonio

Jean-Francois Teotonio
The Press

It is that a little air of end of course reigned in the depths of the Gila River Arena in front of the lodge of the Quebec boxer, in Glendale, after his defeat without appeal against David Benavidez.

Marc Ramsay et Camille Estephan ne le diront pas. Lemieux lui-même a mentionné vouloir « parler à son équipe » lorsqu’interrogé au sujet d’une retraite potentielle sur le ring, après la rixe.

Mais la mine de l’entraîneur et du promoteur d’Eye of the Tiger Management en disait long.

« Ce ne sont pas des décisions que tu prends comme ça, on the fly, a souligné Ramsay. […] We’ll sit down together, we’ll talk to everyone, including the medical staff. We will make an informed decision. »

This reflection will have to be carried out in a rational way, according to Estephan.

“David will always want to continue,” says the promoter, laughing, leaning against the wall overlooking the room where Lemieux received treatments.

A “warrior” reflex, like Lemieux’s “frustration” when Ramsay and the referee made the decision to stop the fight in the third round.


“Are we rebuilding? asks Stephan. Do we say it’s over? We will take the time to do this properly. »

But already, on Saturday, we had a preview of the discussions to come.

“Honestly, in my opinion, he faced the best in the world at 168 pounds,” said Estephan. […] There is no embarrassment there. We tried. He worked his way up to get there. »

The Quebec boxer had difficulty making the weight at 160 pounds. Despite three straight wins at 168 pounds, he was no match for his first real opposition since the class change.

“David Lemieux is a very small 168 pounds, recalls the promoter. He is a small middleweight. If his body does not allow him to make the weight at 160, it is problematic. »

“It’s a fight, not a tennis match. If you’re in a situation where you’re at a disadvantage all the time…” He doesn’t finish his sentence, but we can imagine the rest.

“I’m proud of him”

If Lemieux’s career were to end there, the results would be positive, says his promoter

The important thing is that David Lemieux’s career is a success no matter what. I’m proud of him.

Camille Estephan, promoter of Eye of the Tiger Management

“He sold out Madison Square Garden, with a record that still stands. We had the highest ratings on Quebec radio, and not just for sports. There are many things to be proud of. »

In addition to having been the IBF middleweight world champion, in 2015.


“But the thing I’m most proud of is weird to say, but that’s what he did [samedi] evening. »

He speaks of the courage shown in front of an opponent who could even flinch the famous Saul “Canelo” Álvarez, according to Ramsay.

Camille Estephan sketches a sad smile.

“He was really hurt. He continued. He attacked with ferocity. Not everyone would do that. It’s rare. It’s a rare bird, Lemieux. »

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