The Paris of chefs – What Mory Sacko eats

II love strolling around Pernety, in the 14and arrondissement. Mory Sacko lives next to his restaurant MoSuke, nestled on rue Raymond-Losserand, where he obtained a star in January 2021, just four months after opening. The former candidate Top chef wouldn’t miss the organic market which takes place on two Saturdays on Place Constantin-Brancusi for anything in the world. “It allows me to feel the season, to enrich myself with the colors, to get drunk on the smells and above all to talk to the producers”, rejoices the skinny thirty-year-old, who always takes the opportunity to make a detour to the Beaufils cheese dairy. in order to succumb to its indulgence, Brie, whether from Meaux or Melun. The perfect opportunity for Mory Sacko to reveal to the Point his five favorite addresses in the capital.

His bistro: Siseng
“I love eating in this Asian canteen mixing street food and typical dishes. I can’t resist their bao burgers, burgers made from a steamed brioche, especially the one with braised pork belly. Their bo bun, combining beef sautéed with lemongrass and curry, rice vermicelli, raw vegetables, spring rolls, coriander and mint, is to die for. Just like their shrimp and red curry croquettes and their cocktails, led by the aloe vera one. »
82, quay of Jemmapes, 10and. Menu: €16 (lunch except weekends). Menu: from 16 to 28 €.

His wine merchant: Workshop Issé
“As well as overflowing with a host of treasures – seaweed, soy sauce, miso, noodles, rice, dashi broth… – this Japanese temple is home to a sublime collection of sakes, spirits and liqueurs. I have a particular weakness for umeshu (plum), which releases almond flavors, as well as for yuzushu (lemon), which gives the impression of drinking the peel of the fruit. »

11, rue Saint-Augustin, 2and. From €34 for a 50 cl bottle of yuzushu.

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His baker: La Petite Alsacienne
“In addition to the restaurant, I also buy personally from Laura Maeder and Jérémy Hadjadj. Although I’m not usually a fan, I’m a fan of their pretzel, which I consider to be the best in the capital. Their sourdough loaf reveals a subtle crust, a generous crumb and a very nice acidity. For the end-of-year celebrations, they present a collection of typical Alsatian pastries and cakes. Better not be on a diet or not be afraid of calories! »
45, rue Raymond-Losserand, 14and.

His pastry chef: Le Temps et le pain
“The pastries in this shop are worth the trip. The pistachio cake is addictive. Sweet dough, pistachio cream, pistachio crisp with fleur de sel, pistachio pastry cream, pistachio cream, pistachio whipped ganache, pistachio slivers, runny praline… Just talking about it makes my mouth water. The strawberry revisited, the rice pudding cake flavored with sudachi, a Japanese citrus fruit, or the vanilla flan are real wonders. »
7, rue Mouton-Duvernet, 14and. To from €5.50 for an individual dessert.

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His delicatessen: At the Ivory Coast market
“In the effervescence of the Château Rouge district, this very orderly haunt exudes gluttony. The son of the founders, who took over the business, sources the best products from the Ivory Coast. There are vegetables (okra, gna gna, yams, sweet potatoes, plantains, etc.), fish (captain, adjovan, magne, machoiron, etc.), cassava, semolina, spices (pepper, peppers, broths of seasoning). The organic palm oil and cashew nut spread are a delight. »

66, rue Doudeauville, 18and.

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