The Paris of chefs – What Adrien Cachot eats

Imoved it from rue Rosenwald in 15e arrondissement to land since the end of 2021 in Couronnes, in the 20e. After completing his residency at Perchoir Ménilmontant and while waiting to find the location of his new restaurant, Adrien Cachot strolls through the streets of Belleville in search of the best banh mi addresses in the neighborhood. The finalist of Top Chef 2020 love this Vietnamese baguette topped with meat – pork, chicken, beef – or with tofu, cucumber, pickled carrots and daikon radish, mayonnaise and cilantro. “I find there the magic of umami, the fifth Japanese flavor in addition to sweet, salty, acid and bitter”, confides the culinary troublemaker whose extraordinary talent we discovered in 2017 at the Detour. The ready-made opportunity that Adrien Cachot reveals to the Point his five favorite addresses in the capital.

His bistro: La Cantine du Troquet Dupleix

“This is an authentic bistro with a welcome worthy of the name. At the helm, Christian Etchebest, one of my former chefs. The cuisine is raunchy to perfection. My favorite signatures: plancha knives; grilled pig’s ears, pistou, Espelette pepper; black pudding parmentier, mashed potatoes with hazelnut oil; the Ibaïama pork loin from Éric Ospital; rice pudding, dairy caramel. All that I love ! »
53, boulevard de Grenelle, 15e. Menu: from €30 to €49.

Its cellar: 228 Liters

“Some wine merchants tend to intellectualize wine too much, here, in this wine bar-dining cellar, it is put back in the center of the glass under the leadership of Pierre Renaud. There is a huge selection of natural French and foreign wines (Italy, Spain, Greece, Slovenia). My little nugget, Arbois from the Fumey-Chatelain estate in the Jura. Champagnes are also honored as well as the best beers in the world, led by the Belgians Cantillon and 3 Fonteinen. »
3, rue Victor Massé, 9e.

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Its baker: La Pointe du Grouin

“Below his restaurant-café, Thierry Breton has set up a bakery. This voluble and colorful innkeeper, who is not a baker by trade, makes wonderful breads that he sells to customers. The loaf is a model of its kind. Barely warmed in the oven when you get home, it is even more extraordinary. Between its caramelized crust and its crumb airy, it gives off fabulous sourdough smells, proof that it is made with well-born flours. »
8 Belzunce Street, 10e.

His butcher: Les Provinces

“A butcher from birth with a father who cut flank steak with Lilas, Christophe Dru selects the best of what is made in French meats to serve them at the stall or even offer them to eat cooked on the spot on the plancha. Tab, sirloin, rib, entrecôte…, its pieces of beef matured in its maturation chamber reveal an inimitable marbled finish on the palate. We feast in the same vein with his veal, his pig, his lamb. »
20, rue d’Aligre, 12e.

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His pastry chef: 5 Sens

“This is my latest emotion in terms of sweetness. Not to spoil the pleasure, Nicolas Paciello’s desserts are as beautiful as they are good. Real jewels that you would think straight out of a jeweler’s shop. You only have to look at his cabbage collection displayed in the window to measure it. Chocolate, Bourbon vanilla, pistachio, praline-hazelnut, salted butter caramel, coffee, yuzu lemon, all you have to do is choose from the seven flavours, each more enticing than the next. »
114 St. Charles Street, 15e. €6.50 for individual dessert. From €16.60 for a box of six puffs.

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