The owner of a Rottweiler didn’t know he had escaped in his absence, until this unexpected call from the owner of his favorite bar

Woody the Rottweiler is so well received at the bar where he regularly accompanies his master, that he decided to go there alone, taking advantage of the latter’s absence. This dog’s little escapade amused his owner and the owner of the pub.

mark howartha 38-year-old electrician, lives Stockport near Manchester, in the North West of England. His best friend is his dog Woodyan 18-month-old Rottweiler.

Twice a week, he accompanies her to the local bar, the Horse Shoe Inn, where the quadruped is always entitled to a warm welcome. He receives treats and hugs from the staff as regulars. It is therefore not surprising that he appreciates the place and always returns there with great pleasure.

His human, however, was far from suspecting that the attachment of Woody for this pub would lead him to want to go there on his own. This is, in fact, what happened recently, reported The Sun May 13.

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That night, mark howarth went to the casino with a friend, leaving the dog alone at home. Before leaving, he locked the door from the outside, but it can be opened from the inside. Woody was obviously aware of this little detail and took the opportunity to go out in turn.

However, the canine did not venture far, nor into unknown territory. He went straight to Horse Shoe Inn, which is only one kilometer away. The first part of his escapade was immortalized by the surveillance camera of the neighbor of mark howarththe pictures showing Woody cross the street around 11:10 p.m. His arrival at the bar was filmed by the establishment’s video system.

The pub owner’s surprise call

Woody quietly strolled between the tables on the terrace, then presented himself in front of the door and an employee ushered him in. mike moranthe owner of the pub, had a good laugh about it before calling mark howarth to explain to him that his dog was at his side.

He immediately left the casino to go to the bar and pick up Woody. Both of them then returned to the house, the door of which was wide open. mark howarth said he was lucky it hadn’t been broken into and promised himself to change the lock so that it was locked on both sides.

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Woody did he expect to find his master by going to the bar? Was he hoping to receive treats and hugs as usual? Only the dog knows the answer. mike moranhe evokes a 3rd track, that of his dog Ellie, with which the Rottweiler befriended. Perhaps he was trying to join her, knowing that in the past he had already invited himself to the home of the boss of the Horse Shoe Inn to play with her.


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