The mythical Café de la Poste in Agen becomes a Neapolitan pizzeria

A page turns after several decades of existence, the Café de la Poste, an institution of the city of Agen stronghold of rugby aficionados and former headquarters of Sporting Union Agenais, has closed its doors for good. A disappearance on tiptoe, ostensible to the workers who have been busy for a few days.

It gives way to a Neapolitan pizzeria which will open in September 2022. The work started last week, the interior is demolished. Everything must be redone from top to bottom up to the facade whose stone will be brought to light, as well as the moldings. Large openings will be installed to let in as much light as possible. The ceilings will be raised. The boss Jacques Fund and the indescribable Kiki the waiter who disappeared at the end of the year are still in everyone’s memory. The business was taken over in September 2018 by the latest owners Brigitte and Michaël Léger. But this strategic location opposite Place Goya, near the H&M store, was coveted by a young couple from Agen, Marie and Arnaud Lucas, who offered to buy the business.

Trained at the school of pizza makers in Dijon

Arnaud is a pizza maker, a specialist in soft Neapolitan pizza with thicker sides. He trained at the Luigi Smine school in Dijon. The know-how of the Neapolitan pizza maker is on the list of intangible heritage of Unesco, he mentions. The restaurant will serve all kinds of Neapolitan pizzas “but contemporary in the spirit of Peppe Pizzeria in Paris or Big Mama with ingredients coming directly from the Naples region, tomatoes from Vesuvius and mozzarella from Campania…”. Marie, his wife, who does not come from the restaurant sector, joins him in this adventure. Her husband, who worked in particular in the Paris region at Gabin, really wanted to open a restaurant in Agen, where the couple has its roots.

The restaurant, which covers an area of ​​130 m2, will give pride of place to a delicatessen corner at the back with Italian specialities, olive oil, charcuterie… The laboratory corner with a real Neapolitan wood-fired oven will be visible from the room, near the future cocktail bar. “The walls will be light and touches of marble will be added to the decoration. A semi-open counter on the street will allow customers to be welcomed by clicking and collecting”. The place, whose name has not been revealed, will be open this fall for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Saturday with tastings on site or to take away.

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