The incredible sighting of an orca in the Seine

For several days, an orca has been coming and going in the Seine, between Honfleur and Tancarville. A very surprising phenomenon, according to experts. Already, in April, another cetacean had been seen in the English Channel, a place where it is very unusual to see these marine mammals, explains 76actu.

An unusual sight

The killer whale was spotted by tugboats from Le Havre on Tuesday, May 17, 2022. According to these observers, it would measure between three and four meters, visibly.

As Sébastien Jacquot, project manager with the Cotentin Cetacean Study Group (Gecc) explains, it seems that the cetacean has no intention of leaving the area soon. “She goes back and forth. She goes quite far inland, which is quite surprising,” he said. Will she be going to Rouen soon? It is not impossible according to the scientist, although it has not been reported yet.

A hunting orc or a curious orc?

According to the association’s experts, seeing a cetacean swimming off the coast of the Channel or in the Seine is not a frequent phenomenon. In addition, killer whales most often travel in groups; it is quite rare to see a cetacean of this species alone. So, what would push this marine mammal to break free from its group to reach the coast?

For Sébastien Jacquot, it is very likely that she slipped away out of curiosity. Another explanation could lie in the fact that it was attracted by the populations of seals which live on the Normandy coasts and in the north of France. But this hypothesis raises other questions, since killer whales often hunt in groups.

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