The cheeseburger was not kosher

A complaint was filed a few days ago in the Tel Aviv court against Burger King. The person making the complaint said he ordered a Kanyon cheeseburger from Hod Hasharon at a Burger King with the “kosher” sign. When he ate it, he was surprised at the quality of the vegan cheese and asked the employees how the chain managed to have a vegan cheese so similar to real cheese.

He was then told that it was indeed a real cheese and that the restaurant had been kosher in the past but was no longer. Indeed, Burger King has kosher restaurants and others that are not.
The injured party argued that the brand was misleading its customers, not only by the “hide” sign at the entrance to Hod Hasharon’s restaurant but also by the fact that it produced an entire advertising campaign on the fact that ‘it allowed its customers who eat kosher to taste products that normally are not. Thus, she promoted a product with “bacon” which is turkey in its kosher version and so also for the cheeseburger. Each time, the chain insisted that it had managed to find substitute products so that customers in the kosher did not feel they had less choice.

Delek, the owners of the Burger King chain in Israel, said the complaint had not yet reached him but that as soon as it did, the matter would be investigated in depth. “Delek is careful to respect the rules in general and those of kashrut in particular, as the Burger King company does. For the avoidance of doubt, the restaurant in question is not kosher”.

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