the alluring innuendo of his partner Nathalie puts him in all his states!

In recent months, Jean-Luc Reichmann has chained projects on TV to the delight of his admirers. But from time to time, it is necessary to slow down to avoid the burnout. According to the latest news, the famous animator has decided to take a few days off from France! With his darling Nathalie Lecoultre, the star of the PAF therefore flew to the United States.

Being very close to his followers, the actor likes to immortalize their entire trip on Instagram. According to his posts, the twists and turns are not lacking! The lovebirds are motivated to cross part of the continent across the Atlantic on a motorcycle. Unfortunately for them, the start of their journey did not go as planned.

On the Web, Jean-Luc Reichmann let it be known that they had made an emergency stop at a petrol station… But the latter did not deliver any. The height! “No more gas at the station. 108 degrees Fahrenheit, about 42 degrees. The tar sinks under your soles. My feet and calves are on fire with the furnace of the engine”, captioned the actor under one of his publications. Fortunately, the couple ended up finding a solution. Phew!

Are her boobs weird, aren’t they?

After the effort, the comfort… For Internet users, the duo is currently in Las Vegas. This Saturday, May 28, 2022, Jean-Luc Reichmann and Nathalie Lecoultre therefore wanted to delight their taste buds with succulent ice cream… But their shapes had the merit of disconcerting them. Faced with the merchant, the main interested parties no longer knew where to turn.

“Looks like my boobs”analyzed Nathalie Lecoultre.“Look like your boobs?” They’re weird, aren’t her breasts? Oh my Godness”had fun the producer before implying that one of them looked exactly like an alluring part of his anatomy: “And that looks like uh… We deserved a little ice cream, didn’t we?” ». A sequence that is worth the detour!


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