Tesla: Elon Musk gives new deadline for Autopilot

Accustomed to sensational announcements, Tesla boss Elon Musk has made new promises about his autonomous driving system, Autopilot. Traveling to Brazil, this Friday, May 20, the American billionaire has, in fact, made some confidences to local journalists, reports the Electrek site. Elon Musk has thus assured that autonomous driving, without the need for a driver behind the wheel, will be implemented by May 2023.

A statement that seems very optimistic, while in the United States, yet another investigation has been opened into Tesla’s autonomous driving system. In question: an accident involving a Model S which caused the death of the occupants of the vehicle, according to Tom’s guide. The CEO of Tesla was in Brazil this Friday, May 20, to set up a partnership with the local government to launch a program to connect the Amazon regions to the Internet via SpaceX’s Starlink satellite.

Splattered by a sex scandal

While his takeover of the social network Twitter seems to be suspended, Elon Musk saying on May 13 that he was waiting for more information on the issue of “false accounts”, the businessman is accused of sexual assault. The richest man on the planet was reportedly accused of “sexual misconduct” in 2018 by a flight attendant employed by his company, SpaceX. He would have exposed his erect penis in front of this employee and would have asked her for sexual favors by touching her leg and offering to buy her a horse, according to an investigation by Insider, published Friday, May 20. The young woman was reportedly fired after reporting the “incident” internally. She would have received 250,000 dollars in exchange for a promise not to sue, and to respect obligations of confidentiality. According to this contract, the stewardess would not have the right to disclose any information about Elon Musk and his companies.

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