Telex: Pharmaceutical AI start-up Quris raises $9 million, Intel postpones its mega-factory project in Germany, 17 million Twitter users want Elon Musk to resign

– Pharmaceutical AI start-up Quris raises $9 million. Originally from Israel, but also based in the US (Boston), the start-up Quris has designed an AI platform to predict test drugs that can be administered more successfully on a particular person. The start-up is working with the New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute to develop an automated system that tests thousands of compounds on thousands of genetically diverse stem cells. Quris’ machine learning software will analyze how cells respond to compounds to identify potential drug candidates. “We are at the crossroads of modernizing drug discovery. I think the Quris platform can be of great value to pharmaceutical companies and the health of society as a whole,” Robert Langer, a professor at the MIT Institute, said last year about Quiris’ technology. To develop, the start-up is announcing a $9 million seed fundraiser led by cardiology professors Judith and Kobi Richter.

– Intel postpones its mega factory project in Germany. Announced a few months ago, the project to build a new Intel factory in Germany (Magdeburg) will wait. Originally scheduled to start in mid-2023, the work has naturally been postponed. According to Volksstimme, the cost of this plant would have risen to 20 billion euros – against 17 billion euros initially – with no fixed date for the start of construction. The American foundry would therefore wait for a new financial boost from the German government, which had already provided 6.8 billion euros in aid.

– 17M of twittos want Elon Musk to resign. Twitter users have voted and their verdict is irrevocable. In the survey about his resignation pushed on Twitter by its CEO Elon Musk, 58% of respondents – more than 17 million users of the social network – said the leader should leave the office. “No one wants a job that can actually keep Twitter alive. There is no successor,” the quirky multi-billionaire tweeted not without mischief. And Elon Musk this Monday replied “Interesting” to a twittos who had suggested the results could have been tampered with Continue ?

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