Telegram channel Andlil Benoist Rousseau: small trading videos

I am opening a Telegram channel for Andlil. It allows me to make quick, live videos that I can then share again. The format is therefore quick, 2 to 3 minute, “snapshots”. This allows me to communicate more and share information with you at any time of the day (even at night at 3 am for the first video of the Andlil Telegram channel 🙂 ).

These videos are necessarily less technically accomplished than Good Morning Trading, which requires much more equipment and technical skills, it’s a different philosophy.

Telegram channel Andlil Benoist Rousseau 1

Telegram channel Andlil Benoist Rousseau

Here is the link to the Telegram channel if you want to follow it : Andlil chain

Here are some examples of trading videos that have been made in recent days:

and a 4K video! My last test

I still want to do some tests to optimize the quality and try to do the dual camera.

Normally I wouldn’t talk about it until I was at that point, my perfectionist side, but internet users found the channel and word of mouth to follow. There are now several hundred people who are subscribers. So I have to notify you of its existence much sooner than expected. This is the BETA that heralds the changes I will be making to the site in the coming weeks.

This Telegram channel is also a way to keep in constant contact. I announce the new videos made available as well as the next webinars… in short, it’s a live link to follow all the news about Andlil and your truth. There will of course be “exclusive” content, some small videos will only be on Telegram

Philosopher from the Andlil Telegram channel:

Short and live videos
flash videos
Topics covered: stock market, economy, lifestyle (gastronomy, slice of life), history and geek

Please bear with me for the next few days, I am in the testing phase, the launch was planned for the beginning of July.

The link to the Telegram channel if you want to follow it : Chain Andlil Benoist Rousseau

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