Takeover of Twitter: Elon Musk wants to reassure the EU on content moderation

He would have bought Twitter, according to him, to defend freedom of expression. On April 25, after several weeks of negotiations, Elon Musk took control of the blue bird social network, for the colossal sum of around 44 billion dollars (40 billion euros). The boss of Tesla and SpaceX, incidentally the richest man in the world – at the head of a fortune estimated at 219 billion euros, according to the magazine Forbes – expressed its desire to make the platform, with its 436 million monthly active users, a bastion of free speech, where in a way everything can be said.

What raise fears of an inexorable flight towards more than fake news and hate messages. What the boss of Neuralink, a start-up specializing in research on brain implants, refutes. Monday, May 9, following a visit by European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, to his car factory in Austin, Texas, Elon Musk said he was in osmosis with the EU on content moderation. And this, despite an apparent contradiction between his vision of freedom of expression, which he wishes to promote on Twitter, and the new European rules on the regulation of social networks.


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