swore. In Récanoz, the animals in the shelter will also discover the magic of Christmas

“It is a place that repairs. Animals and people. Sandra Aujard, who is part of the female trio that in 2022 created, on 22 ha, the AFFA refuge and pension l’Arche de Jules, is happy to open the site to the public this Sunday, December 18. Together with Pierrine Guérin and Audrey Thévenot, as well as all the volunteers who accompany them on a daily basis, they decided to organize the very first Christmas for animals.

Santa in sled dogs, the Snow Queen and Olaf on horseback

“The idea is to offer toys to our dogs that they can choose themselves,” smiles Sandra Aujard. Around this time, the magic of Christmas will work with the arrival of Santa in sled dogs and a representation on horseback with the Snow Queen and Olaf in person. Because the pension l’Arche du Jules also welcomes horses. “Pierrine is a magician with horses, I can’t wait to discover what she has prepared”, comments Sandra Aujard.

The public will be able to meet animals for adoption, dogs and cats. “We have eight places in the refuge and twenty-five places in the cattery. We are looking for financial support to build twelve new places for the dogs because we are already tight. Being recognized as being in the public interest allows our donors to benefit from tax exemption. »

Animals that have suffered

Since opening, the shelter has taken in animals that their owners can no longer keep due to, for example, death or illness. But also animals that have suffered. Like Gallan, who lived his entire life tied to a five-foot rope and arrived dying. “We offered him four months of tenderness, outings, contact with people… Everything he didn’t know. And then there’s the story of this abused dog who was picked up by the shelter and who fell in love with his new owner. “He have a good life today,” explains Sandra Aujard. And these love at first sight between animals and people, it’s so beautiful. We are so lucky to see them often. »


But some dogs unfortunately do not find their new family, like Skype who is 16 months old. “He arrived as a baby and we hope he will find a family that can love him,” sighs Sandra Aujard. We sometimes see the dark side of people who mistreat animals and it is very hard. But we also meet lots of adopters and volunteers who are fantastic. Everyone comes with what they want to give, the desire to do their part. It brings hope. »

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