Swore. A 50-year-old attacked while jogging by three off-leash dogs

That evening, like every day around 7 p.m., she was jogging along the river, in a cyclist’s outfit, when she saw three dogs 50 meters below – a wolf dog, a Border Collie and a mixed breed dog. – bathing, not far from their master.

Sandrine approaches them and the canines run towards her. She stops short, to tell them to stop. Their master tried to call them back, but as if intoxicated, they knocked her down. “I could only see their fangs in front of me,” she recalls, still very upset. Sandrine started screaming. Their master approached them to calm them down but couldn’t stop one of the dogs from biting her from behind.

Sandrine, injured in the leg, now wants to alert dog owners to never let them wander as they please, and to know that an animal, even a gentle one, can suddenly behave unexpectedly.

A complaint has been lodged with the gendarmerie of Clairvaux-les-Lacs.

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