Supermarkets: Product recall, do NOT consume these contaminated ice creams

According to recent information relayed by the government site Rappel Conso, several ice creams sold in supermarkets are contaminated and had to be returned to the store before May 11, 2022. Below, we will give you more details on the references in question. .

What are the ice creams not to consume at the moment?

Ice cream is refreshing and that’s why everyone eats it. But be careful that you do not eat the ones mentioned next, because they are contaminated. Ice creams produced by the Mercier brand with flavors: dark chocolate, vanilla, praline, caramel and coffee.

Then Jampi brand products such as logs and sticks. The Pipa brand is also mentioned there since its sticks and mini-sticks, almonds, vanilla, red fruits and exotic vanilla are also contaminated.

In addition to this, you can also find the maxi and mini sticks from Monoprix as well as the delights, sticks and ice creams from Leader Price. Casino sticks and ice cream are particularly contaminated, as are ice cream, lemon and raspberry sorbets and frozen nougat from the U brand.

Smarties shots are the same as individual Nestlé signature desserts. La Laitière’s caramel chocolate trays, Milka’s chocolate sticks and Belle Île cups from the Collection brand are also on the list.

The Cora brand is also there since its giants, small pots and mini assortments must also be brought back to the store. Métro-Chef’s mint, rum, grape and lemon sorbet ice creams are also affected.

  • Fruity and gourmet sticks from Trium
  • Les Smissy shots and bins Eskiss
  • Mini pots and containers from the Bio Village brand

And finally, 4 references of mini sticks and 5 references of double sticks, organic ice cream tubs and tubs, and the Carrefour brand 3 chocolate ice cream puff pastry. They are not to be consumed due to its contamination. Note that this problem comes from the fact that the ethylene oxide (ETO) level is higher than normal. In any case, above the rate accepted by European regulations.

Don’t eat them, give them back!

From now on, you must therefore be very careful when buying ice cream, knowing that this contamination can be dangerous to your health, even if it means being fatal. And above all, don’t forget to warn your family and all your loved ones in order to avoid the worst. Moreover, if one of these products is present in your home, do not consume it! Simply return it to the store where you purchased it.

Other foods not to eat

For information, ice creams are not the only contaminated products in supermarkets since since the beginning of 2022, we have also witnessed the contamination of other foods. In January 2022, for example, we were told that peas are to be avoided. Recently, dumplings have been banned due to the fact that they are also contaminated.

Apart from all this, good food such as Buitoni pizza or delicious chocolates from the Kinder brand are also on the list, which of course worries thousands of people in France. In total, more than 4000 foods have not been edible since March 2021 and we know the reason.

In fact, most of these foods are inedible because either there is suspicion of broken glass or it’s because of poor labeling. Let’s also not forget to mention the presence of the bacteria which can be very dangerous for health. Also note that sesame and carob seeds should be avoided.

In addition, there is in particular the carcinogenic pesticide which affects foods such as sausages, gratins, pasta, food supplements, preserves, but also sugar. And if the European Commission has already made a lot of effort in removing all these contaminated products from supermarkets and the market, you still have to be very careful.

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