Strasbourg. When turtles squat the swans’ nest

The story has been known to walkers for ages, but this time it’s on Facebook that it bounces through a post by Pauline Hart. “Seen today in Citadel Park: a swan’s nest overrun with sliders… I imagine it’s not very pleasant for the swan (to the point of jeopardizing the brood?)”, writes -it, supporting photos. On the photo, we see a dozen turtles slumped on the nest around the swan in full brooding.

It was during a walk that this resident of the neighborhood observed the scene: “I could not determine from afar if the swan, brooding, was really inconvenienced, but he obviously had less room”.

The turtles only invite themselves into the nest at certain times, when the sun is shining. On the spot, we noted their presence. The swan does not seem moved by this somewhat forced cohabitation. We know that the bird can be aggressive, we imagine that it would not hesitate to wipe the slate clean…

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